March 30, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

Well it seems I have some sort of effect on Republicans, because the day after I post for people to go for Walsh's spot, several of them do. Including this blog's old friend Dale Sweetland. Because there's nothing that prepares you for running for Congress like losing a primary for a County Executive spot. Maybe we can get those wonderful "architectural windmills" all across the country. I also like the Post-Standard's description of another contender: "A 26-year-old punk rocker, David Gay, of Syracuse, who was the local coordinator of Ron Paul's presidential campaign, declared he also will run as a Republican." Gay is apparently a Medicare claims entry clerk who plans to primary for the spot if it isn't handed to him (when it isn't, perhaps). I admire the cojones, but there is also something to be said for the old start small and work your way up approach.

Nancy Lorraine Hoffman isn't running. She basically says the party leadership told her not to. A pity. I'd actually have to consider voting for her. I'm not saying I would, but I'd look into what she was saying.

Apparently some sort of free tuition program for Syracuse City school grads stalled in the state assembly. Some people would say, why just the city, and there is some validity to that question, but clearly something has to be done to fix inner city schools and since several colleges were already signed on board by Ms. Nancy Cantor, then I think it sounds like a good idea on it's face.

Interesting poll results in today's opinion section. When asked their opinion of Gov. Paterson, 51% said they didn't have enough info to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion. But when asked if he'd do an effective job, 75% said he'd govern effectively. So, does that mean like at least 26% didn't have enough info to form an opinion, but think he'll do a bang up job? And the more important question, how many of those people vote? As to my opinion of our new Gov? The only concern I've got so far has to do with a prior bill he proposed that advocated cops should shoot to wound. Anyone with even a slight knowledge of guns or law enforcement should be aware that would be totally unfeasible and would cost lives (certainly on the cop side if not on both sides).

Finally, I was going to end this post with "And in case you didn't dislike him enough already," and link to an article on how Walsh is considering becoming a lobbyist in retirement, but I couldn't locate the article online. But it was in the hard copy of the Post Standard. So that's that.


Anonymous said...

well, it's not easy. But I'm going to give it all I have anyway. I'm tired of politicians not representing me, so I decided to stand up and take back the government for us.

-Dave Gay

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