April 4, 2008

Go, go,go

I seem to be handing out kudos to people. Weird for me.

Of course the first one for the day is no surprise. Kudos to Tom Buckel for asking AG Cuomo to look into the fact that we trimmed our gas taxes and gas prices, relative to other areas, stayed exactly the same. Who could have predicted that would happen (hint: ME)? On a related note, a letter to the editor seems to complain about County Executive Mahoney for allowing the gas tax cap to expire and the legislature shifting this to a property tax rebate. The argument of the letter seems to be that leasers will not pass the savings on to leasees. So the writer doesn't trust leasers to pass on savings, but does trust big oil. Hmm. Yeah.

Second, kudos to Congressman Walsh. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me. Kudos to him for standing up to China and their numerous human rights violations by supporting a bill banning President Bush from Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. As someone of Asian descent, I state firmly that the problem has been we've let China have too much of their own way.


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