May 24, 2008

Well, it's cold up there anyway...

Congressman Jim Walsh has reversed his position and now favors drilling in the Artic Wildlife Refuge. Dale Sweetland and David Gay agree with his new decision. Dan Maffei is against. With apologies to Mr. Gay, I'm most definitely siding with Dan on this one. First of all I'm not sure I'd in anyway agree that having wildlife refuges would be against the bill of rights. Seems to me wildlife refuges have been a good idea. But basically I've yet to see how drilling in pristine wilderness is going to help with more than a few pennies at the pump. As our own gas tax cap showed, there's never a guarantee of any savings when it comes to dealing with oil companies. Not to mention that whatever amount of oil we get out of there is going to be like nothing compared to the amount we depend on every day from the Middle East. If we could throw some sort of guarantee in there, I might consider it but still feel dirty afterwards. And the destruction of our environment will create all kinds of havoc in the long run.

If we really want to do something about the gas price, lets get the corn the hell out of there. Corn-based ethanol doesn't work people, because it produces like almost no energy. It works great in Brazil because they use sugar cane and can actually run their country entirely on cane-based ethanol, but all the corn is doing is putting a high demand on corn, thus making our gas cost even more.


The Frontline Coalition said...

Well talk about a hypocrite. Al Stirpe, incumbent Assemblyman from Syracuse, has been running television commercials for the past month detailing how he is going to take on Wall Street greed. Here's the problem. Al's a liar.

I came across a startling piece of legislation that liberal shame Al Stirpe voted to kill –A.4486- that would have held Wall Street CEOs accountable to the state Attorney General.

Here's the The short and sweet of it: the bill would enhance the subpoena powers of the attorney general in security and commodity fraud investigations. Unfortunately, the legislation was held in committee, thanks to good ole Al Stirpe.

So, what's the big deal about holding it in committee? In essence it means, Al voted to keep the bill out of the public light and ensure it never reaches the floor for a vote.

Why would Al do this? Not that difficult to comprehend. Al is a puppet of the NYC establishment. His liberal handlers pulled the strings and Al raised his hand to vote to hold the bill in committee, effectively giving CEOs a free pass. The same CEOs that fill the coffers of Sheldon Silver.

This is just the latest sad addition to Al Stirpe\'s toxic voting record. He keeps talking about Washington because he\'s ashamed and knows Albany's broken and he's part of the problem. Shame on you Al.

-Concerned citizen submission to:

The Home of the New York Conservative Blogger

Bryant said...

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