October 23, 2009

Endorsements, round 1

Lets start with those dramatic judge races! Judicial contests are supposed to be about experience and qualifications, and in fact candidates are not allowed to speak about issues, which makes for a weird race. Still, here we go:

Onondaga County Court: Tony Aloi. Judge Aloi is already in this position. Crisafulli has experience as a lawyer and as a hearing examiner for parking violations, but that in no way trumps Judge Aloi's 38 years working with Onondaga County Court (10 as judge and the rest as law assistant). Aloi hands down.

Supreme Court, 5th Judicial district: Walter Hafner Jr. and James McCarthy. This is a vote 2. Judge Hafner has worked 10 years as an Oswego County Judge, has worked as a ADA, law clerk to surrogate's court, and city attorney, proving he has the experience. Judge McCarthy has been an Oswego County Judge since 1993, an acting Supreme Court Justice for 10 years, and has presided over many courts. Perhaps most notable is the first sex offense court in NY. He's also been a city attorney and served in the army and army reserve. Judge Jim Tormey is the current chief administrative judge in Onondaga County, but I haven't always been impressed with his decisions, so Judges Hafner and McCarthy get the nod.

Soon I'll start with the legislature, and then mayor of Syracuse.

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