August 15, 2007

Well, yeah, I'm behind in blogs

So it took some finagling of schedules, but I finally managed to meet with Deb Moynihan. Two days ago in fact. Yeah, read the title of the post. But it was a good meeting. We had an interesting conversation about the assigned council program, a topic which I deal with daily, as I work with the courts. I was uncertain on this issue before, as I've had the opportunity to see that there are some lawyers out there who take those assigned cases and defend the heck out of them, but sadly mostly what I see are lawyers that don't return phone calls. On the other hand, a public defenders office is typically expensive and overworked and I'm not sure if it solves any problems.

Deb pointed out that in most public defenders' offices, anyone any good either leaves for more money, or tries to get promoted, in which case they don't end up handling the large number of cases. Also, she cited statistics in Maryland, a state she viewed as similar to NY due to it also having one large city with several smaller cities around it. There they found that places with a public defender typically had longer sentences for defendants. She started college as a math major folks. I have no doubt she'll study the issues and look particularly at the numbers before making decisions.

So anyway, she convinced me, although I was leaning slightly in that direction anyway, even though there are a few assigned council I'd like to slap around (metaphorically of course). And she said if I had any questions I could email her. Which got me thinking. What if I emailed her opponent as well. And other candidates and their opponents. We could have an email debate. Not a real debate where the candidates actually get to ask questions of each other and have true back and forth, but that kind of thing hasn't really been done since prehistoric times, when it would often end with one side clubbing the other unconscious. It would make this blog a forum. Now if I could just get some decent time online. I'm out of town this weekend, maybe after that.


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