August 6, 2007

Words of wisdom are found everywhere...sorta

Written on the men's room stall at Barnes and Nobles: "Kucinich/Gravel '08." I don't know which is stranger, that someone who would write on a bathroom stall pays enough attention to things to know why this would form such an unlikely campaign duo, or the fact that I'm glad to see this person paying some attention.

More interesting stuff out of our new Gov lately. I voted for the man, but sometimes he's just a pure politician to be sure. First, the strange one, while talking about about the recent trooper investigation into Bruno for which he's taking flak, he commented that mixing politics and law enforcement is like mixing politics and religion or some such. This only makes any sense if he means that in both you're not supposed to do it but everyone does it anyway. As a criminal justice major and professional, I'd say all law enforcement groups are political, and I'd ask if the governor had ever worked in such a field except of course that he was attorney general just last year. Also, I didn't like that his "apology" started, "we made mistakes." Maybe "we" did, but do what's right and say "I" made a mistake.

The second issue comes from today's post-standard. They had a ask the governor feature, and the first question started off asking when he was going to address the issue of the death penalty for cop killers (since NY's death penalty law needs a fixing, being as it was ruled unconstitutional). The reader then went on to state the governor opposed the death penalty, and Mr Spitzer responded by saying that he wanted to correct that, that in certain cases such as terrorists acts and cop killings, he was for it. Only he never answered the question in the first sentence, just corrected the man and stated he was for cops getting all the protection they need or something. I may have to email the governor and ask for a further response. Or get someone else to do so and give me the response..., hmmm.

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