September 13, 2009


Don't forget to vote in Tuesday's primaries if you're a registered Dem or Rep. Particularly if you live in the city of Syracuse. once again has a voter guide that can tell you if there are primaries for you to vote on. They've also got some nice bits on the mayoral race. Also, democracywise again has a list and short bios for all Onondaga County races this fall.

Something I found interesting, La Bella Pizza has signs up for Dave Stott's Republican oponant, Judy Tassone, in the November election for County Legislator of district 4. I know at one point Dave part owned La Bella. And Ms. Tassone also has her headquarters in the building Dave used during the last run. To say anything else would be speculation on my part, but it is curious.

Anyway, back to mayor, which I can't vote in, as I just moved out of the city of Syracuse (dang). Anyway, here are my endorsements:

Republican party: Otis Jennings. I like that he wants to spend a day a week in city schools and talk with staff and students to try to work on our terrible graduation rates. He's pledged to hold himself responsible if those rates don't improve. My criminal justice education also leads me to believe his views on reducing crime might be more viable then his opponent, Steve Kimatian. Kimation did mention having worked with Don Schaefer, former mayor of Baltimore, during it's revival, and I like that. Plus, Kimatian seems to have business experience that might prove useful. In the end though, I give Jennings the nod.

Democratic party: Joe Nicoletti. This was a tough choice for me. Number one it seemed harder to get information on concrete views in this race. Number two, it was particularly hard to get information at all on long shot candidates Carmen Harlow and Alfonso Davis. To their credit, I like that Harlow wants to start working with tenants and landowners before properties become vacant, and I like that Davis's views on community policing. In the end, I like Nicoletti's plan to re-establish an office solely to seek grants. There's plenty of aide money I'm sure we're missing out on. Also, Nicoletti wants to have monthly meetings with the mayor, school board and superintendant, and the common council. It's not quite going to the schools once a week, but it's another way of putting our schools near the top of the list. The other Democratic candidate, Ms. Miner, has the disadvantage that I've seen her in person. I have not been impressed and in fact was a little bit irritated. I can see how she could get a reputation for having a personality that might prove a hindrance to some negotiations. So Joe gets my nod.

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