September 28, 2009

Update, also 40 Below

An update on the budget issues: First off, I hear there is a public forum on 10/8/09 at the old courthouse (Montgomery St., next to the civic Center) at 7 PM. Second, I additionally sent a copy of my email regarding child protective's role in the budget to Legislator Bill Meyer, as he is chairman of the legislature.

Also, last Friday I attended the 5th annual 40 below summit. I enjoyed it quite a bit and got to reunite with a lot of members of the Young Democrats. Congressman Maffei was there, as well as all three mayoral candidates. Shook each candidates hand, the Congressman was only there at a time when I was heading to an informative session. Lots of organizations came, offering ways to volunteer and help in the community. Of the three mayoral candidates, I think I still like Otis Jennings, although the fact that one of my friends works with Ms. Miner and finds he agrees with her on most things does reassure me. Here's hoping for an interesting race!

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