December 9, 2007

I return to the digital age...

My internet had problems earlier in the week, but that seems to be ok because most of the local political news seems to have appeared on the weekend.

Note that I do say most. The Salina Town Justice race has now become as close as possible without a tie. A judge has now allowed 3 more ballots to be counted, all of them for Judge Alessio, putting him up by one. Paul Carey plans to appeal.

The front page of todays local section (sorry, can't find link, go buy a paper) announces all the development projects going on in Syracuse. Development is of course good news, but I can't help but notice that almost all the projects require parking, and a good number elminate parking spaces, while very few actually build any spaces. We need to start getting new development plans to include parking for their facilities. Still, it's mostly positive. In particular, I'm happy for the use of Central Tech as a vocational school, even if it means some of my fellow county employees may lose their parking spots. Job and skills training is one of the biggest things we need in this area to jump start our economy.

Governor Spitzer says "The Upstate economy... is perhaps the most important issue confronting me as governor." To which I say, good.

The convention center is now officially named for Nick Pirro. Speaking of names, the Destiny hotel has a name. And that name is the "Emerald 5 ShowTel." If anyone can tell me what the F that means, or what exactly Emeralds 1-4 were already reserved for, please, please send me an email or comment.

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