December 30, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all. My own gifts received included the books "Life's a Campaign" by Chris Mathews and "How to Win a Local Election" by Judge Grey. Yeah, I'm a political geek.

The post-standard features an article on how a Manlius contractor has classified his new houses as condominiums and saved his buyers plenty in property tax for what is essentially still a house. Personally if I were doing this I wouldn't be talking about it to the Post-Standard, but it seems to me like this is something that should be looked at for possible fixing.

I am once again trying to get coverage for a Young Dems event, this one a beginning of the year kickoff party at the Palace Theater on Saturday 1/12. We're inviting Democratic candidates and community motivated folks of all types. $30 to the Young Dems if you RSVP by the 9th includes a carving station, food, and open bar. $35 at the door. Anyone interested in going or any media contacts please contact me.

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