December 18, 2007

Toll hike, other news

Assemblyman Al Stirpe is urging people to talk to Thruway authority board members and voice their opinions on the proposed toll hike, and I am completely with him on that. Of course, unfortunately in New York State we can add it to the list of taxes and fees that people should complain about, but that doesn't make this one any less important. Visit or call 518-436-2700. The problem with this state is that we keep raising fees or taxes to solve our problems when we should be looking at how we've spent the money we do have. The original plan called for the thruway to make itself eventually toll free, but clearly that was a pipe dream. Last time the problem was too many people were using the thruway so it needed repair, and now the problem is supposed to be not enough people using the road? Lets take another look. I'm headed to the site.

Meanwhile our Salina justice race heads to the appellate court.

Congressman Walsh voted against a ban on waterboarding. Boo, hiss. These United States should be above those kind of actions, and just how reliable is an answer given after waterboarding anyway?

That's all I got. Please discuss.

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