January 22, 2008

Is our children learning?

I'm sure I'm missing plenty of political news while I'm off in Rochester for job training every other week. If I miss anything vital, I'd like to ask my reader to notify me.

One thing I did catch is that Senator Defrancisco came up with a new school funding plan. If a democrat had put up such a plan, I would comment, so I'll play fair. School funding in New York state is definitely something that needs to be looked at, but it's hard for me to grasp what this bill means without some more raw numbers. So I emailed his office asking what the difference would be in state money for Syracuse city schools, New York City schools, and the total difference statewide. I'll post any response I happen to get.

The last young dems' event got some good coverage, with a nice newspaper article before and after, and some TV coverage even. More great things to come.

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