January 11, 2008

Quick update...

New job, new training, less time for posting. Sorry. Also local politics has been largely overshadowed by national politics as of late, but the one major event is the YOUNG DEMS FUNDRAISER TOMORROW. Again, Palace Theater, 6-9:30. $35 for food, carving station and open bar. The mayor's going to be there, we got some news stations (without even contacting them ourselves, work smarter, not harder... or just get lucky), got around 90 yes RSVP's. Should be a good event. Come on down.

There's been some news about new jobs local, and more news about less jobs local. I noticed Nancy Cantor in the picture regarding the new jobs, apparently she attended the announcement. Again, SU's one of the best things we got going.

Speaking of opening jobs, State Supreme Court Judge Robert Julian's spot is now open. Apparently he's quiting because his $136,700 plus salary needed a raise. My favorite quote is "On a personal level I am unwilling to further deplete my savings and reduce my lifestyle to continue in this office." The man's a supreme court justice and therefore should be addressed as your Honor, and therefore I will not say what I think of his lack of a raise. I'd gladly take his job, but they'd probably want me to have like a law degree or something.

On the humorous front, I seem to be getting emails from some NY state assembly Republicans committee. I know I said I'm open to the idea of supporting a progressive Republican, but in general I think these will not be productive emails for those assembly members.

That's all I got. See some of you folks tomorrow.


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