February 7, 2008

Big goings on

Although mostly nationally.

I meant to put a post telling all registered Dems and Republicans to vote on Super Tuesday, but I didn't get a chance to come online until like 8, which seemed a bit late.

Bill Fitzpatrick has decided not to run for Congressman Walsh's seat, which means I can't vote against him this year. Peter Capucilli is the first Republican to announce a run for Walsh's spot, because running the State Fair is a good proving ground for helping run the country. If only he could run against Dan O'Hara.

State Senator DeFrancisco's office sent me info on the school bill he proposed. I've yet to have time to decipher it. Once I do I'll post again.

Now to venture into national news for a moment, and give some reasons why Barack Obama will be better against McCain than Hillary: 1)Momentum: Barack's is up, Hillary's is down, and it's because most people have already formed an opinion of the Clintons, while Barack is conatantly bringing new folk to his crowd. 2)Reaching across divides: It's the strength of both McCain and Obama, but Barack can do it better because McCain had to sacrifice his party's base. Might some conservatives vote for Clinton? Probably not. Obama? More likely. At the very least, McCain might have some conservatives who just don't vote if they don't feel a true conservative choice is available, but Obama manages to reach across the aisle while still appealing to his base. Anyway, that's what I got. Go make your own informed decision.

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