February 10, 2008

edits and editorials (further editorials of course)

Seems I was incorrect in stating Capucilli was running for Walsh's spot, he's only announced interest. This makes Dan Maffei still the only one to have officially announced. Everyone else is letting the suspense linger. I personally have decided I'm definitely maybe going to consider thinking about a run.

Elliot Spitzer has been proposing alternate taxes lately. First he wanted to tax fruity alcoholic drinks like liquor, raising the tax on a 6 pack of Smirnoff from 6 cents to over a dollar. Now he wants to tax things we buy on the internets. Taxes seem to be high enough already in New York State. Also with the economy the way things are, I think the idea right now is we're supposed to encourage people to start buying things, not stop.

An engineering firm has suggested that because not enough people are using the garages, the city should up the price of parking. Uh, yeah. As a former engineering major I am not surprised that it's a group of engineers that came up with this. This won't make people use the garages, it'll make people go somewhere else! Which is already the problem.

Anyway, I have to go ponder a congressional run.

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