July 17, 2007

Oh no! They've called my bluff!

Just kidding, it wasn't a bluff. But I'm being called out on my "I will vote for a Republican if they can convince me," statement. Deborah Moynihan, running for leg in the 19th, wants to convince me. She states that, while I state I'm not married to the Democrats, I seem to think the future of our community is in their hands. To this I'd comment that right now it seems to be in Republican hands, and it ain't looking so hot. But she does bring up the point that there is deadwood on both sides of the aisle, which is not only true, but the reason the remaining Democrats have been so powerless (sorry Mr Ryan, some of that's on you). An additional reason for my leaning toward Democrats: I'm a liberal son of a bitch. You'll have to keep that in mind Ms Moynihan. Note that I didn't back down and call myself progressive. I'll email Ms Moynihan back and report the details.

In other news, money. Walsh has raised $299,000 to Maffei's $211,000 in next year's repeat of last year's contest for the 25th Congressional. Both parties are saying the majority of the other's money is coming from outside sources and doesn't indicate CNY enthusiasm, and I'm afraid they may both be very right on that.

Meanwhile, the local County Executive race shows that Sweetland raised the most but has spent a lot of it on dumb commercials. Magnarelli has the most on hand by far, although $70, 500 of that is leftovers from his assembly campaign. The stats in thousands Sweetland $141 raised, $67 remaining, Mahoney $62 raised/$17 left, Magnarelli $136/$115, Ryan $49/$27. Once again, everyone is shouting reasons why their amount means more than other peoples', so take the numbers for what you will.

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