July 26, 2007

some thoughts

I've been allowing my renting Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's to subtract time from the blog. Of course, the Post-Standard did go a few days without much politics, but they did post a few things.

Number 1, I've been meaning to comment about the article "Bruno cleared, Spitzer spanked." First off, good alliteration. Second, I guess I've got to give kudos to Cuomo for saying the Governor took things too far. Mind you, I'm for anything that moves Bruno out of there, as he seems to be doing a good job of holding up the whole process, but all this did was create a lot of anxious newscasters. Also, Cuomo shouldn't be afraid to speak up to Spitzer (see, I can do alliteration too), but part of me wonders if this isn't just so he looks good to take over as Gov when Spitzer runs for Prez. It's always about moving up, can't we just do our jobs people. By the way, if anyone wants to offer me a job...

Number 2 is Mahoney. She's calling for fair play in these county exec campaigns, but I didn't really get a chance to read that article, so that's all I've got. I hope for fair play too. She also put out a tax plan (or some details) that called for a cap on senior citizens property taxes. I can understand this, since they're on a fixed income, but on the other hand property tax is a struggle for everyone in this state. As a young'un with retired parents, I can see both sides. Also, someone logged on Syracuse.com and posted that this has to do with assessments which aren't really a county thing. I'm undecided, please discuss.

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