July 10, 2007

Political goings on

CSEA, the union, had a picnic to protest the Berger commision's suggestion to take Van Dyne out of county hands. The picnic had only hot dogs, no Burgers, haha, those union guys crack me up. No, not really. But Nick Pirro cooked some of the dogs (really, look at the photo in your paper), so that's mildly humorous. Speaking of county execs, the dems and republicans had their candidates at the picnic, except Ed Ryan, who had a scheduling conflict. Ed, I don't know what you had, but that's because I didn't read a news article about it, so politically I think you lost out on that one.

Another Young Dems meeting tomorrow, at Democratic Headquarters, 248 E Water st, not Warren, where I tried to go last time but Warren doesn't have that number. 7pm.

Tomorrow's Neighborhoods Today Picnic at Washington Square Park on Thursday, 6 pm. County Legislator Candidate Tom Buckel to speak.

And Saturday, candidate training for democrats. I'll be going to everything from the Young Dems on down, so I'll be keeping busy. What will you be up to?

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