July 16, 2007

well, it is politics, and it is local...

It's just not local politics. Syracuse for Obama is having a fundraiser/ get together at the Delavan Art Gallery, 501 W Fayette, Syracuse, at 5:30 pm this Wednesday 7/18/07. I haven't decided yet if I'll stop by or not.

The post-standard reported on the opening of Joanie Mahoney's HQ. I walked by it today at lunch time. I was going to pick up a brochure, I'm not locked into the democratic party, I just usually vote that way. I was going to give her a chance to convince me, heck, I liked her better than Driscoll last year but I'm not in the city. No one was inside though, so I couldn't get any info. Side note, it's just down the street from Dem HQ, I felt like I had to sneak around.

As for what I've been doing lately (instead of posting, sorry) I went to a Neighborhood watch BBQ with Tom Buckel (running for leg in the 7th, north side) and went to Candidate training as his guest. That training was cool, even though it was the same as what I'd done before. I got to meet a lot of the candidates. Tina Bennett definitely looks less evil and seems less pure ego then her opponent Bill Fitzpatrick. Bill Magnarelli gave the intro, and did a good job, which, when added to his prior support of the empire zone reform bill, is making me lean more toward him. We'll see.


Delavan Art Gallery said...

You should definitely come to the Obama event. Politics or no politics, Delavan Art Gallery has a really good show on exhibit right now that's worth seeing. Yes, I'm biased. I work at Delavan and also research local blogs. I'm glad to see yours! Please come see the gallery tomorrow night!


Your supreme leader said...

Well, I was going to stay home and wait for a phone call from a candidate, but heck with it, I've got a cell phone and I've never been to the Delavan. You've convinced me into making an appearance.