October 10, 2007

important items 1st, then discussion

First, some important things:
1) The deadline to register to vote for this election is this Friday. If you still need to register, get to the board of elections at the Civic Center, pick up a card and turn it in. Then vote Nov 6th.
2) The Onondaga County Young Dems are having a fundraising happy hour at the Empire Brewery (120 Walton St, Syracuse) next Wednesday, from 5-8. Unfortunately, the key word there is fundraiser, so there is a charge of $35 for guests, $25 for Young Dems and it includes membership dues. Already paid your dues? Then you're covered, but you also already knew about this. On the plus side you get food and drink and lots of local Democrats to talk to. Some big wigs even, Dem Committee members, candidates, right on up to County Exec Candidate Bill Magnarelli. We're already expecting a good turnout, but hey, the more the merrier. If you need more info or would like to RSVP, you can email me if you like, I'll make sure the word gets around to the Young Dems president. Both of us are fanatics about checking our email. Or if you got the card in the mail, just respond to that.

Speaking of Bill Magnarelli, lets move on to the political discussion (ooh, segue). Both major exec candidates (sorry there Ed) have gotten their names in the papers a bit. Both of them talked about merging services in Sunday's paper and about arts funding in Monday's paper. I like Bill's use of the County Crime lab as an example of how he's done this before. I also like that Bill committed to more money for the arts in the 2nd article, where as Joanie just talked about deciding how to spend the money we're already spending.

Also, Magnarelli today announced his 26 point development plan. I still disagree with the use of all these "points," but I do like some things: encouraging commercialization of local university ideas, converting contaminated properties back to business use, the county working with the city on parking issues, setting up a public authority to run Hancock to try and lower airline prices. Oh, and another advantage? No mention of windmills.

So, I'm honestly still deciding. I'm leaning toward Bill, but neither one's convinced me yet. Next I plan to browse their websites and see if I get any actual info from them.

Finally, they want to name the Oncenter convention center after Nick Pirro. Yes, he did champion it, and do much to encourage its use (even using the war memorial for a horse show so the county could get the funds, although the war memorial is no place for a horse). In fact, I might have no problem with naming it after him if someone else did it. But during his last year, right before the numbers might change and the county leg might not be able to pass things without a single Democratic vote? Supposedly the oncenter board asked to do this, but the timing seems suspicious. And of course, I must agree with the post on syracuse.com, from ohtypcalsy: big deal.....who gives a crap


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