October 25, 2007

More endorsements

7th district: Tom Buckel. Anyone who's been reading this site is probably saying "duh." I've helped out on his campaign a lot, and there's good reason for it. Tom's been very active in the community, while his opponent seems to disappear until a few months before election time.

8th district: Mark English. This is another case of me meeting a politician and being impressed by his drive to be a positive force for change. If I can fit some time for door to door in amongst my many other campaigns, I'd be glad to go drum up support for this man.

9th district: Mark Stanczyk. Here's a case of me agreeing with the Post-standard. Most times when the Republican supermajority simply passes whatever Nick Pirro felt like proposing that day, Mark, Sam Laguzza, and Ed Ryan are the 3 vocal votes of opposition providing some actual discussion to our democratic process.

10 district: Write in again. I've met Democrat Geri Feldman. Nice lady, but not impressive as a legislative candidate. But even the Post's endorsement states Republican Holmquist needs to moderate his "patronizing attitude" toward the city of Syracuse. The city's the county's lifeblood and the county needs to realize this.

11th district: Kristen Zimmer-Meile. Patrick Kilmartin's answers, even his jobs one, are all about cutting taxes. Yes, we need to get taxes down, but there's a little more to it then that. Zimmer-Meile wants to give preference to local businesses for county contracts, and wants to crack down on businesses that didn't provide the jobs they promised when they were given tax breaks. I guess I'm Zimmering.

12th district: Robert Demore. Tough one. I've met Democrat Victoria Lightfoot, and she was decently impressive. Also I like that she wants to provide incentives to young folk who stay here. But I don't think bribing the young folk is the only answer. Demore is one of the few Republicans I've seen talk to the Post Standard about job training. He also wants to work more closely with local private job development agencies, and wants to get a state grant for a 1-stop shopping website for businesses looking to expand or relocate in Syracuse. Quite innovative for a party that seems to mainly be advocating cutting things this year.

14th: Gary Morris. Hmm, neither really said anything in the Post-standard questions that stuck out as being good, bad, or even saying much concrete on an issue. But the PS endorsed a democrat against an incumbent Republican? He must be doing something right.

Note to those who noticed things missing: there is no mention of the 13th because there is only one candidate. There is no mention of Conservative Lee Stemmer in the 12th because he has an anti-city attitude, but I couldn't find a way to effectively fit this in amongst the other info on the 12th so I'm putting it here.

Overall scores so far(13 total districts, 12 possible incumbents (no incumbent in the 12th, that was Dale's)):
Post standard: 9 incumbents, 3 challengers, 9 Republicans, 4 Democrats
Me: 2 incumbents, 7 challengers, 2 Republicans, 8 Democrats, 2 Write-Ins, 1 No Decision

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