October 13, 2007

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First off, a press release done by yours truly resulted in a post-standard mention of the Young Dems' happy hour. We're the 2nd section of the article. As you can see, the one thing I was not aware of was that the $25 entry for young dems also includes membership fees. Good, I get to pay $25 less than I thought. I edited my post below, so you don't go looking for the old info.

The post-standard has gone and made it easy for us to read blurbs about all our Onondaga County legislature candidates. Some of their answers are less than informative, and I wish they'd list emails like democracywise but it's still a help. Now with my links to the Post-standard feature and Democracywise, you've got links to websites, answers to questions, email... you cannot tell me you don't know anything about the candidates. Let's test and see if Deb's still reading the blog. Deb, as I expected I love the answer on jobs. The property taxes answer is also good, but that first sentence is a little too honest and really should have been taken out. Also the end bit has totally nothing to do with property taxes, but is nicely on focus with the message of your campaign.

A candidate for judge came to my home in the rain (Charles Mantione). Turns out he's a neighbor. He dropped off lit about him and 3 other democratic candidates in Lysander. I found it uplifting just to realize there were 4 other Democrats besides me in Lysander.

I also had a good long chat with Dave Stott's dad. Turns out he's a vet and former County Legislator. We talked about how to get young offenders working instead of committing more crimes, a subject I deal with every day at work. The man had some interesting ideas and asked Dave to talk with him about it when we weren't using time that could be spent canvassing. So his dad is another point in Dave's favor in my book.

Now to give our fine governor a point and then take it away. Because I'm like that. First, you can read his defense to his policy of letting people get licenses without a social security number. In particular, he mentions that unlicensed drivers contribute to 5 times as many accidents as licensed drivers. Of course, some of that, you have to factor in those with DWI's, but in general, it shows that people are going to drive so we might as well give them a road test. And I continue to agree that the policy will be an important aid to law enforcement, making it more likely they'll know who they're dealing with.

The point taken away? He called Bill Magnarelli a puppet last year, but is coming to Syracuse to endorse the man this year. I'm not saying anything one way or the other about Bill, but how are we to trust the governor's words when he acts contrary within the year?

And yes I do realize my capitalization is horrible in parts of this article, but I don't care.

Oh, also, I'd previously posted that the Deputy Sheriff's association was endorsing George Alessio over Paul Carey, but their ads this week show the reverse. I swear I'm not crazy, so they must have switched allegiances or something.


Deb Moynihan said...

Nice test. :) I think I failed in the "quick to respond" category. These days it seems like things having to do with reading and researching have been put on the back burner.

I'm proud of your comment referring to me as "too honest." Or, at least, answering a question with too much honesty. Welcome change in our political spectrum, isn't it?

Keep up the good work. I'm anxious to see how the paper goes on 19. If it goes the other way, I'll know the whole thing is a scam.

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