October 27, 2007

Last legislature endorsements, other notes...

First, some interesting political notes. The Gov, Elliot Spitzer, was here in Syracuse to talk about the $30 million the state is putting into Syracuse to build our Connective Corridor. Good news for this area.

2nd, the Post-standard is has a headline about DA Fitzgerald not itemizing items properly in reports on how campaign funds are being spent. The main reason I find this noteworthy is that our DA's name is Fitzpatrick. To their credit, the only place they made this error was in the headline. I suppose it is somewhat noteworthy, since we would expect a DA to know about the law, even if it is election law and not criminal law. On to the rest of the legislature:

16th district: Sam Laguzza. See the other day's note about Stanczyk, Ryan, and Laguzza being the lone vocal opposition when the Republicans ram through whatever Pirro decrees.

17th district: Marty Masterpole. Marty's opponent, Larry Corso, admits he would need guidance from colleagues if elected. Yeah, um, I'll go with the other guy.

18th district: Monica Williams. I could talk about Monica's wanting to improve job training and develop OCC, but I'll make it simple. Lots of candidates came to Young Democrat meetings with speeches. Monica came with a notepad and paper.

19th district: Deb Moynihan. What's that? I picked a Republican over a sitting Democrat when the current leg can pass a bill without a single Democratic vote? Absolutely. Deb's very energetic, she does her research, and most importantly, she's clearly made getting jobs in Central New York her main objective. Her opponent, Lovie Winslow, has one of the worst attendence records in the legislature. What good's a Democratic vote against if she doesn't show up?

Preview: My eventual choice of Magnarelli led Syracuse Scholar to post a request that I try and convince a fellow Dem to pick Bill. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to see what I can do.

Additional note, today I managed to agree with the Post Standard on all their picks, which I see as a sign that they're finally getting their act together.

Final score, out of 17 districts endorsed, 14 possible incumbents.
Post Standard: 10 incumbents, 10 Republicans, 7 Democrats
Me: 3 incumbents, 3 Republicans, 11 Democrats (2 write in, 1 no decision)

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