November 1, 2007

I don't toot my own horn cuz I don't have to!

I gotta admit, the title's got a nice ring to it. It's no longer among my top searches I came up in, but it's still an interesting search.

The post-standard was fair, and ran an equally scary picture of Joanie the next day. They seriously need to look at hiring new photographers.

Speaking of the post-standard, here are some more endorsements! (weak segue)

Family Court Judge: Marc Waldauer. I've worked with Marc some, he's a good guy and well qualified, with his many years of family court experience. Pirro-Bailey has some time as a ADA and as a family court clerk, but it's not quite the same as being a lawyer that's working in family court. Marc's also stated that he wants to treat addiction as more of a disease than a crime, which is probably good at the family court level. Yet he stated in the New Times that repeat offenders do need to have consequences, something which tends to not happen enough in family court.

District Attorney: Tina Bennett. A former boss of mine once described the DA's office as "arrogance personified." Having worked with them, this about sums up my feelings too, not there aren't some good ADAs (at least one of whom is also kind of arrogant). The point is that Bill Fitzpatrick is arrogant to the point of being condescending to like the entire rest of the world. Also, while not truly relevant to an election, he looks kind of evil. While it is true that Tina doesn't have the experience that Bill has, she does bring some interesting ideas to the table. Most noteworthy is that she wants to make it so people can earn GED's or reach other educational goals to have their punishments lessenned. We already do this with drug treatment, why not education? Anything that lessens recidivism should be considered.

Comptroller: Probably Bob Antonacci. Um, yeah. I've met both these men, although my convesation with Dick Brickwedde consisted of him shaking my hand, saying "I'm Dick Brickwedde, I'm running for comptroller," and moving on to the next person. Absolutely Bob is the more impressive in person. He also has more accounting experience, and some innovative ideas. He wants to put on a class for all the local comptrollers to help train them. He wants to take an active role in economic development. He looks at the schools as area where there's been some wasteful spending that could stand to be trimmed (how many vice principles does your school have?). But he's also getting sued. For allegedly lying as part of his law practice. So an endorsement is kind of tough here. Just for the record though, Bob's the Republican, so I was leaning toward the other party here.

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