November 5, 2007

Tomorrow's the big day!

If you don't know which day, please make sure you are reading the right blog.

Google has told me that my site has come up recently in searches for windmills, and in one instance for "architectural windmills." Seems someone let Dale play with the Internet again. Whatever keeps him happy.

Every time I hear the phrase "opportunity agenda (which thanks to Joanie is ALOT)," I throw myself ever more firmly into Bill's court. I also do a rather spitty laugh. I posted on that it reminded me of a Dilbert cartoon where they played buzzword bingo, and a Joanie supporter posted that it was funnier than Dilbert (which is true, except it's real).

Tomorrow at 8:30 pm, Democrats will be gathering at the fairgrounds, at the Empire Room to celebrate. I'm sure the Republicans will be looming somewhere also, but their going's on will not have a slightly inebriated version of me, so clearly the Dems' party is better.

The Post-standard had an article about how Syracuse is a blogging capital, and they failed to mention yours truly. I feel I'm being discriminated against due to my outspoken views. Or something like that.

Some last minute endorsements: Comptroller: I've decided to endorse Brickwedde. He may not be Bob Antonacci in terms of personality, but he does have a plus over Bob in that he's not getting sued for lying in a law deal. Yes, yes, innocent until proven guilty, but we don't really have that option when we're talking about the overseer of county money. Plus, Brickwedde wants to do "environmental audits" to see where we can make things greener, which is an interesting idea.

Races where I picked write in: I had hoped to pick a certain friend's dad (a wise man indeed) to run in the 1st district county leg, but he declined on the grounds he might win. He offered up his dog as a substitute, and while the dog is a resident, I prefer candidates with opposable thumbs. As such, I'm now nominating Jeff Kramer of the post-standard wherever I picked write in. Sure, he can't possibly live in both of those districts, but a vote for him sends a message to the candidates. That message is: both of you suck.

By the way, I do plan to keep tabs on the politics of CNY even after the election. And next year I want to run a campaign, so if you're a Democrat or a progressive thinking Republican looking at a run, feel free to drop me a line. Serious requests only please.

County Executive: Bill Magnarelli
Family Court Judge: Marc Waldauer
County Comptroller: Richard Brickwedde
District Attorney: Tina Bennet
1st district: write in
2nd: Don MacLaughlin
3rd: Brad Ward
4th: Dave Stott
5th: Undecided
6th: James Rhinehart
7th: Tom Buckel
8th: Mark English
9th: Mark Stanczyk
10th: write in
11th: Kristen Zimmer-Meile
12th: Robert Demore
13th: no opponent
14th: Gary Morris
15th: no opponent
16th: Sam Laguzza
17th: Marty Masterpole
18th: Monica Williams
19th: Deb Moynihan

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