November 25, 2007

this just in... actually checking to see we get what we asked for

The tax deal for the Jefferson Clinton Commons (the one that promised parking, but had a net gain of 28 spots) was actually voted down. I view this as something we definitely don't do enough of in New York State, and CNY in particular, making sure we get what we ask for when we hand out a tax break.

Lots of other political news. Congressman Walsh has more cash on hand than his oponent Dan Maffei, but Maffei has more than he did than at any point during the previous election, and that was close, so... Oh and one district over, Michael Arcuri (D) is beating them both and has no declared opponent yet.

Cayuga county doesn't think it's getting enough out of it's cap on the gas tax. As stated previously, our county exec to be doesn't think we are either. I never have and would be okay with seeing the cap go. It's another one of those things where it's hard to get a guarantee that they won't just raise the price. Might as well put those dollars toward the county instead of toward oil companies. Hey look, I involved a CNY county other than Onondaga!

Finally, we have a very close town justice race in Salina. Paul Carey is beating George Alessio by 2 votes. But Alessio has put in a bid to count the absentee ballots that had stray marks and the affidavit ballots that were in an extra envelope. They opened everything up and did the count. With the absentee ballots only, Alessio by 1, with the affidavits only, Carey by 3, which means with both we have a tie! Only not really, because then the town board picks and they're Republicans, so that will pretty much hand it to Carey. It's all up to a judge now.

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