November 18, 2007

New and improved?

Our congressman Walsh voted with the Democrats on a resolution urging an eventual halt to the Iraq War. From the Post-Standard article, it doesn't sound like the resolution was all that strong in itself, but that's on the Democrats in Congress not being as powerful as they should. We really need organization. New Walsh is more palatable to me then old Walsh, but I wonder what we have to do exactly to keep Walsh from downgrading to version 1.0 to put it in computer terms. To the couple who wrote a letter to the editor declaring that Walsh should become a Democrat, I'm usually for everyone becoming a Democrat, but seriously, one issue does not make him a different party.

Michael Bragman wrote an article in the Post-Standard suggesting we give OnTrack another chance. I do think it's a good idea, but it wasn't marketed at all (the only evidence I had that it existed, until it didn't, was the presence of a train station at Carousel that occasionally had trains), and it needs to run through the city more. Be more of a light rail as opposed to running only to a few key areas. Still, with a decent marketing campaign, I'd be willing to give it another try.

Not as many blurbs on local politics in the Post-Standard recently. Probably waiting for Mahoney's new regime to take over. Lots of big races next year too, so we'll start seeing things put forward in efforts to secure races next year. I don't think Defrancisco's fitness thing counts as much in that regard.

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