September 25, 2007

19th district: Deb Moynihan

1) Choose the issue you find most important, crime, education or jobs. State what your priorities are in that area.
  1. I believe the most important issue facing our county is the need to create more jobs. Shifting our area’s image from one of economic decline to one of economic prosperity is the catalyst needed to positively impact.

    Traditionally supported by a strong manufacturing sector which allowed financial and job security for employees, the entire CNY region has suffered with the decline of this industry. These jobs are not coming back; it is imperative that we redefine our area into one that will attract new business, and high-paying, sustainable jobs.

    Additionally, we need to focus on creating jobs for traditionally under-employed residents.

    In my district, there is a stretch on Erie Blvd. of empty, industrially-zoned sites. With property tax and training incentives, these shops would be revived creating successful walk-to-work zones. The trades industry could target minority entrepreneurs, pairing potential owners with grant, training and mentoring opportunities.

Such a focus will have a positive impact on the community as a whole and I believe we would see a dramatic reduction in crime in these forgotten areas.

2) What will you do to get young people to come to Syracuse and stay there?

  1. Bringing and retaining young people to and in our area is vital to having a vibrant and progressive community.

    The “Come Home to Syracuse” program has been very successful in attracting young professionals with ties to our area. But, two factors are important in capitalizing on this program’s success:

    • We need the jobs to attract the candidates. Local engineering companies have made Syracuse their home. Other sectors can do it, too.

    • Our audience has to be expanded to target people with connections to our core industries. Target them aggressively, support employers with recruitment and provide these individuals with real reasons to make Syracuse their home.

    Jobs will be the reason new recruits come to Syracuse. A high quality of life is the reason they’ll stay. What they’re looking for is:

    • Affordable housing options. From trendy, downtown loft space to family-friendly suburban neighborhoods, we have it all.
    • Vibrant art and cultural centers.
    • Extensive and accessible green space and improved downtown parks.
    • Great schools and communities for children.
    • Ease of work-life balance with close proximity of jobs and housing.

    I came home to Syracuse from New York City. This is a great place to live and

raise a family. My story is not unique.

3) The county seems to have had a city government will take care of the city kind of attitude, but if we are to lure young folk and businesses to come to CNY, I think they'll think of it as coming to Syracuse. In my opinion, if we are to really boost CNY, we have to have the county work with the city, because as Syracuse goes, so too does Onondaga County. What do you think of this? What will you do (or have you done for incumbents) to change this attitude.

  1. Syracuse is the heart of Onondaga County. Without a healthy and vibrant downtown environment and economy, the rest of the county suffers. County leadership must partner with the city if we are going to revitalize our area.

    My husband and I are raising our family in the city. We love our neighborhood and its diversity and we enjoy the close proximity to downtown. We are vested in making the city as great as we know it can be.

    Losing Excellus is a serious blow to the city’s economy. City and county leaders need to work together to make certain it doesn’t happen again. Real estate needs renovation, area parking needs improvement and new tenants need to be found. Tax incentives will be necessary to fill that space to protect the downtown area and keep the local storefronts from going out of business.

    What it will take to renovate our city is government and business owners sharing the same vision. When the owner of Pastabilities moved into the once-decrepit Armory Square, it was a courageous step from someone who saw a bright future. Today, Armory Square is home to top-notch restaurants, art galleries, shops and residences that, together, make for an animated and thriving neighborhood.

As a County Legislator, I will do everything in my power to return the City of Syracuse to greatness.


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