September 18, 2007

So, what are you doing tonight? Oh, just busy not voting...

Alternate title: "Help, help, I'm being disenfranchised."

I tried to vote. I wanted to vote. Apparently, because I "switched parties" (from the "no party" to the "a party") I am made to sit out a year before I can vote in a primary in NY State. The theory is, it's to prevent one party from having members register with the other party just to influence a primary. Except I didn't have a party. Who am I supposed to spy for with no party? The Board of Elections told me I "should have been told this" when I filed the change. Even though I registered the change in April back before anyone had any idea who was running. Even though I didn't have a party before.

The irony is if I just hadn't bothered to register to vote before I believe I would have been fine. Someone can correct me if they wish, but it sounded that way. Oh well. Now I can just gripe about whoever gets picked. And wait until the presidential primary when I should be able to vote. This seems to me to be a law that needs fixing.

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