September 3, 2007

The Rulez

Alright, so I'm finally set to start emailing legislator type persons with the intent of asking some key questions. Each district will have their postings start with the words "The mighty," followed by the district # and the candidate. Only districts where I could email both sides (and the green or conservative candidate if one is listed on democracywise) are to be emailed. Wish I'd gotten this off sooner, but I'll give 2 weeks in which I'll wait for both (or all) sides and then posts are going up as I get responses. Oh, and I'll email the exec candidates too. For size reasons, answers going above 200 words may be trimmed, I'll do my best not to alter meaning but candidates have been warned. Without further ado, here are the questions:

1) The teeball: Choose the issue you find most important, crime, education or jobs. State what your priorities are in that area.
2) The softball: What will you do to get young people to come to Syracuse and stay there?
3) The hardball: The county seems to have had a city government will take care of the city kind of attitude, but if we are to lure young folk and businesses to come to CNY, I think they'll think of it as coming to Syracuse. In my opinion, if we are to really boost CNY, we have to have the county work with the city, because as Syracuse goes, so too does Onondaga County. What do you think of this? What will you do (or have you done for incumbents) to change this attitude.

So that's a preview for the next couple of weeks, and sometime in the next few days I plan to comment on the article on Spitzer's vetoes. So you know what to look forward to.

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Your supreme leader said...

All questions sent. I even sent one to Dale, I'm sure he enjoys my site. But he has just as much opportunity here as anyone else, I will post no comments with their responses.