September 17, 2007

Primary endorsements!

The primary is tomorrow! If you're a registered Republican or Democrat, get out there and vote!
I wish some more people had responded to my survey. I could be more sure of my endorsements, but I'll just have to choose without em.

Republican county exec: Joanie Mahoney. Yeah, I can't vote in this one, but that's not going to stop me from endorsing. Joanie states that with her, the county vs the city attitude is going to stop, and with her ties to the city from running for mayor last year, I believe her. Dale meanwhile, has been christened heir by Pirro, the big champion of the county vs city attitude. In truth, as a Democrat, I fear the Mahoney political machine and I'm not sure we have anything to counter it, but I don't care. In other words, I think Dale is the weaker candidate, but would so prefer not to get him in the office that I'd rather we take on the stronger candidate. For those who question my philosophy I have one word: windmills.

Democratic county exec: Toss-up. That's right, I registered so I could vote in the primaries and I have no idea who I'm going to pick in the first primary I get to vote on. I like what both of them are saying, although both have been in office a long time and Syracuse hasn't exactly been thriving during that reign (see also Dale). Yes, they had strong Republican opposition (for Magnarelli I'm talking the Senate), and in that regard Magnarelli has done more to increase the voice of the Democratic party as far as I can tell.

Democratic counselor, district 4: Tom Seals. Again, I don't vote in this one because I don't live in district 4, but Charles Pierce came out strongly against the use of the RICO laws against gang members. I understand the debate over whether this is retrying gang members for old crimes (although I don't agree with that argument), but the basic thing for me is that if we are to turn the war on drugs into even a semi-effective fight, we need to consider using the tools we have in innovative new ways, and that is what the use of the RICO statutes does.


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