September 10, 2007

Aforementioned vetoes

Looking closer, I guess my knock on most of the vetoes is that a lot of these bills have potential but need some fixing. Granting peace officer status to dogcatchers and fire investigators would allow them to make arrests and issue tickets when they see violations, same thing with marine patrol officers, but the Gov objects to the lower level of training for "peace" officer vs. "police" officer. He wants more training before he'll extend the power. Similarly, the veto on the Schroepel tax refund needs a fix because Schroepel now says the original numbers are not accurate. So the legislature should up the training for peace officers and fix the Schroepel tax numbers if they want to get the bills to pass, polish up kinds of things. In other words, the vetoes are usually for wording problems, which the governor can't just reach out and fix, so he has to veto.

Too bad though, as some of this stuff was good. One idea was to require businesses to use different ID #'s instead of SS #'s. It was shot down for being too broad, and also for complicating communication with states that still use SS #'s. I disagree with the 2nd part though. If we use that logic, no one will ever switch to a safer system.

Meanwhile the governor has managed to work himself into a little more trouble by telling a reporter to "get a life." Really. He got upset because the reporter was asking him questions about the investigation into Majority Leader Bruno that used taxpayer dollars, and the scandal that had caused. I do think the questions were somewhat inappropriate, as this took place at a school, so the questions clearly should have been about education. But you got to watch the temper, guv.

Next I plan to comment on the "4 on the Floor" article from the Syracuse New Times about the big County Exec race. Hey, a news source for me other than the post standard!

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