June 20, 2007

Can they make biodiesel with my soy sauce?

One last short blurb before I go. If you're short on time skip to the next post down, it's more important.

Post-Standard article on how Destiny USA is now using 100% biodiesel. Two brief points.
1) This is a good thing, assuming biodiesel isn't like corn based ethanol where it uses so much corn to produce so little ethanol that we're running out of corn and driving up the cost of gas (it's true, to some degree you can blame corn for the high cost of gas, we need to start growing sugar cane for ethanol, which maybe we can do if global warming continues, so once again it all works out) (no angry posts, the global warming thing was a joke)
2) Are the bulldozers at Destiny using anything right now? I think they have to be moving first. Some see steel, I see rust.

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