June 20, 2007

They do exist...

Sorry about the lack of posts for a little while, had a busy father's day weekend and spent the past 2 nights going to training on how to run a campaign. All I had to be was a union member and it was free and they provided food. Yeah, I'm there. Plus, the training was really good, so I feel much better equipped to help a campaign this season. Sad to say another lapse is coming for this weekend, I'll be out of town doing some touristing. It's my blog, I get to declare that a word. In fairness, Syracuse.com hasn't posted much of local political interest the past couple of days except for further shouting on Ed Ryan's plan to return the surplus. Which brings up the following
IMPORTANT NOTE ON ED RYAN'S PLAN TO RETURN THE SURPLUS: County policy already dictates we keep 10% of revenue on hand for an emergency. I'd already noticed that from the original article. What I didn't notice until today is that 10% = about SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS (raises pinky to mouth). Pair that up with Ryan's "surplus" (doesn't the 10% count as surplus too? isn't this surplus surplus if you will?) and we get a grand total of about $76 million. This means, even if we give the entire $16 mill back to the taxpayers, that's only about 21% of the total extra we've got. Seems like we should at least be able to give say $10 million to Ed's tax cut or to Bill's suggested job development.

Additional note, if you like the blog, tell a friend, if not tell us (wow, I'm borrowing from everyone today, that's the Entenmann's slogan). Seriously, spread the word (and the joy) about the blog and the online petition at right. If there's a topic of discussion, post a comment and discuss. That's what this blog is for, to generate discussion.

Total of 3 steals in this post (that I know of). First is the title, borrowed from an M and M's commercial. I explained the 3rd to you. If you're the first to post the middle one (with explanation) in comments, receive a virtual chocholate chip cookie.

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