June 4, 2007

The incredible disappearing Ryan

It seems to me we were supposed to have a race for County Executive this year. I remember when Stephanie Minor and our wonderful mayor were all over the news, then once they dropped out it seems like I haven't seen any faces lately on either side, including the ones that dropped out. Except when the former ones appear in anti-snitch videos. There's evidence the real candidates still out there. The endorsed candidates have the advantage, with Magnarelli appearing 6/7/07 at 7 at the Dunbar Association, 1453 S State St. for a meet and greet, and Sweetland among other endorsed candidates tomorrow night at 5 p.m. at the Corinthian Club located at 930 James Street in Syracuse. Apparently you have to make reservations for Sweetland and crew by calling Carole Marsh at 471-2020. And there are websites for Sweetland, Mahoney, and Magnarelli's state assembly site touting his accomplishments. But why aren't they in the news, and where, oh where, is my man Ed Ryan? I'd email him but he doesn't have one listed on the county website. The guy's a county legislator, shouldn't the county give us an email to talk to him through? I suppose someone could write to his address.

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