June 26, 2007

where exactly is he looking?

The Syracuse city schools have announced how they're going to make the cuts needed to balance their budget. Teachers will be leaving, long term substitutes and teacher assistants first, and programs will be cut. This was "the only way" that the city could meet its budget. I heard no mention of any cuts to administrators or their salaries.

There's been some chatter on the Syracuse.com political forum about the Dale Sweetland commercial, and having studied the issue further, I'd have to agree with the consensus. That really is a bad commercial. I have like 6 hrs of campaign training and I wouldn't run that ad. He doesn't seem to be looking at the camera or the crowd (he isn't shown at the same time as them, but since he's addressing the crowd we'd assume he'd be above them not the other way around), the crowd doesn't have any apparent reason for being there, nor are they particularly enthusiastic, and his "theme" doesn't say anything at all. "Common sense, uncommon leadership?" Tell us why you have common sense, not just that you have common sense.

Finally, there are going to be meetings on what to do with the money Syracuse got for it's soul by allowing the county to build sewer treatment plants in the city, including in Armory Square. What to do with the 6 million dollars? I suggest giant air fresheners.

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