June 6, 2007

grrr, sewage, also, Mr Ryan appears... 2 weeks ago

Well, the first problem is that the plan to put a sewage treatment plant in armory square passed the last hurdle yesterday afternoon. Only in CNY would we profess that our economy needs saving and then put a sewage plant in our most attractive area. The so-called improvements to the areas around the plant do not make up for the plant itself, and I can only hope this doesn't cause the economic decay I think it will.

The last hurdle was the county legislature. If anyone knows how the 2 county exec candidates (Sweetland, and Ryan for those unaware) voted, that info would be appreciated. I would have linked you to the emails of all the legislators, but the info on the vote didn't come to my attention until it was too late to get posted in time. However, if you wish to tell them this was a bad idea after the fact, I encourage you to do so. Maybe they'll think about us more in the future. As many as have email, and all addresses, can be found online at http://www.ongov.net/Legislature/members.html

Secondly, it seems Mr. Ryan did appear at the Dunbar Center, much like his opponent Bill Magnarelli is scheduled to tomorrow. Unfortunately Ed appeared there 2 weeks ago in a large wave of no publicity. I would have liked to have gone.

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