June 1, 2007

Vive le Revolution

Well I'd fully expected to start this blog off on the correct foot (the left one) by either suggesting we write letters suggesting some politician get off his duff and do something, or by just verbally bitch slapping some politician I wasn't happy with, but I guess that fun will have to wail till later, cause you got to give someone their props when they're due. Read the sub-standard news article "City Lets Nonprofits Buy House for $1"

For those of you too lazy to click the linkey, basically there's a new city program that lets non-profits buy unused tax-delinquent housing for a a buck. In return the non-profit has to spruce the place up by 2 years, and they put the assessed value of the house in escrow as a guarantee. It's cheaper for the non-profit, a vacant building that was probably a target for burglars and drug use gets used for good, and the city can start collecting taxes on the property again. Good for everyone. The sale has to be approved by the common council. I urge you to write to common councilors and tell them they need to not only approve this sale but encourage new sales. When I have some time I'll try and make an online petition for people to sign. "But I don't live in the city." Who cares, it's still your community, write or email them anyway.

Finally, more important news: RUN FOR POLITICAL OFFICE. Again I reference the sub-standard. They'd probably appreciate this if I was calling them by their actual name. "Parties Look to Fill Holes in Fall Ballots." There are open spots where there is no candidate. All you have to do is live in the area and get interviewed and you can run. It is my firm belief that voters should ALWAYS have a choice. No one should run unopposed, so if your eligible, look into this.

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