June 12, 2007

empire zones... Grrr

The empire zone system of tax breaks has been shown to have loopholes the size of Aunt Rita's fanny, yet the Post-standard now reports that some lawmakers want more empire zone type benefits(note to readers, I do not actually have an Aunt Rita, behold I call this, metaphor). To do so without reforming the corrupt empire zone system is to throw more money at companies with little or no promise of anything in return.

I'm not historically a huge Magnarelli fan, but here I'm throwing my hat in with his hat in the ring (or something, hey I had one working metaphor, dammit). In answer to the Post-Standard he stated "There is no way to defend the Empire Zone program as it is today." Further, he's a cosponsor (thank you fantasy congress for my vocabulary) of the bill by Richard Brodsky calling for empire zone reform. The 2 most important parts of the bill, it caps the limit of tax cuts at $10000 per hire and has recapture provisions so the state can get back $ from those who don't live up to promises. In other words, if you don't create jobs, we tell you where you can stick your tax break request. I've also heard rumor mill of an audit being proposed of current empire zone recipients. Definitely another good idea. Of course, with regard to the per hire limit, I would consider making it related to the salary of the employee, but unfortunately I'm not in the state senate. $10000 for fry cooks and for engineers doesn't seem equal.

I know I previously said something about an online petition, but this is important enough that I really mean it. Consider it my Friday night project. Who needs going out on the town anyway?

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