June 27, 2007

Much as I hate to admit it...

Today's paper has a big article on a CNY technology center that's going to be built with money JP Morgan is giving to SU. This will create a new curriculum, but SU plans to go further than that, investing some of the money in local high schools to make them more high tech, and hopefully creating bunches of high tech jobs. Will someone please explain to me why it is that Nancy Cantor is doing more for the Syracuse area than Nick Pirro or Matt Driscoll?

Personally, I find the woman a little weird. There's something about that voice, her mannerisims, her overall appearance, that I can't watch her for 2 minutes without cracking up. That being said, maybe she should be running for county executive. She'd certainly get things done. I'd just have to avoid watching her speaches. Probably wouldn't want to give up her power though, and certainly not the money.

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